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    All roundとは八面六臂という意味らしいですが、一般的には万能とか多彩という意味で使われ、


    ‘’OTONO‘’ pronunciation ’’o to nʲjo̜‘’ , this word has mean ‘’AUTUMN’’, but it’s not only.
    In Japanese, ‘’OTOKOMAE NO ONNA’’ means ‘’Handsome Woman’’ in English.
    As I’m ‘’OTOKOMAE NO ONNA’’ so I picked up ‘’OTO’’ from this words.
    Rest’’NO= nʲjo̜’’ was picked up from ONNA because ONNA in Kanji has another pronunciation ’’nʲjo̜‘’
    So my name ‘’OTONO‘’ was born as new word, mixed some meanings.
    With OTONO’s vision, I present my favorite articles to everyone.

    ‘’All round’’ means ‘’can-do-everything’’ & ‘’have many different kinds’’
    At apparel shops, ‘’All round model’’ is well found. For me, I prefer opposite one.
    I’m not interested in ‘’All round model’’, so you can find only opposite ones at my shops.
    If you have same feeling as me, please look at my shop.

    4 products
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